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Majestic landscapes, ancient castles, mystic glens, and endless moors.



Majestic landscapes, ancient castles, mystic glens, and endless moors.



Majestic landscapes, ancient castles, mystic glens, and endless moors.



Share an incredible photographic experience with a small group of individuals in the Western Highlands and Isle of Skye, in the majestic landscapes of Scotland.

The landscapes and castles of Scotland

Are you seeking the ultimate in a landscape photography experience? Looking to take your landscape photography to the next level, in one of the most mystical and beautiful locations on the planet? This is the workshop you have been waiting for: Landscapes and Castles of Scotland!

We invite you to experience the ultimate workshop in shooting landscapes composed of castles, moors, wildflowers, mountains, small villages nestled in misty bays and the alleys and architecture of Edinburgh as well, with access to state of the art camera equipment and the best instruction available.

You will be composing and capturing stunning images under the guidance of Joseph Roybal, a top landscape photographer, as we traverse the western regions of Scotland and explore the Isle of Skye, known for its rugged landscapes, picturesque fishing villages and medieval castles. After capturing these images, Joseph will walk you through the workflow and retouching processes to bring these images to life, and prepare them for anything from a gallery show to hanging in a place of honor on your own wall.

Throughout the workshop, instruction in all aspects of composing, weather watching, light chasing and shooting these images will be provided, and a team of dedicated assistants will be on site to help you bring your vision to fruition.

Cameras and Gear

Each participant will have access to a Hasselblad camera system to use during various sessions in the workshop, and a complete range of lenses are available for any shooting situation or look you are wanting to capture. We will also have a variety of camera filters, rain gear for cameras, waterproof bags and packs for equipment and much more.


On this journey, you will travel in style, staying at the exclusive Wolsey Lodges. Build your portfolio and sharpen your photography skills under top guidance, as you shoot on location and come home each day to some of the top lodgings in the British Isles, named for the opulence and grandeur of Cardinal Wolsey on his travels under King Henry VIII. You will have a private room in each property, with meals provided every day of the workshop week.


There are 5 class days of instruction and we’ll be going from sunup to sundown and then some…be prepared for 12 hour days. The class days are filled with instruction in chasing the light, watching the weather and planning, using the right lenses and filters, composing your shots, shooting, RAW processing, Photoshop retouching and print preparation.


$7,500 PER PERSON.
Discounts are available for multiple people or for people sharing a room. Prices start at just $500 additional for spouses/friends who aren’t attending the class.


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Work hands-on with Joseph Roybal, whose landscape photography work graces homes and offices across the United States. He has put together and run incredible photo workshops both for groups and individuals, and his teaching ability and compositional skills take this workshop to the highest level.

Joseph Roybal

What to Bring

Your camera, and wide, normal and zoom lens (for example: 16-50, 50-90, 70-200) Tripod, CF cards, Laptop, Backup storage. And any personal camera gear you choose.