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Iceland – sculpted by lava and ice, with gleaming glaciers, bursting geysers and emerald valleys. Join us in photographing these blue icebergs, spectacular glacial lake, roaring waterfalls, peaceful valleys filled with horses and dotted with picturesque farms, and soak in turquoise thermal pools at the end of the day.

The landscapes, animals, quiet towns and shining icescapes of Iceland

Are you looking to take your landscape photography to the next level? This is the workshop you have been waiting for: Exploring Iceland!

We invite you to experience the ultimate workshop in shooting landscapes on location in Iceland.


Each participant will have access to a a variety of high end photography gear to use during the workshop, to help capture any situation or look.


You will have a private room at several different luxurious hotels,  with meals provided Mon-Fri of the workshop week.


There are 5 class days of instruction and we’ll be going from sunup to sundown and then some…be prepared for 12 hour days. Instruction will be given in measuring ambient light, metering on landscapes, composition, shooting, RAW processing, and Photoshop retouching.


$9,500 PER PERSON.
Discounts are available for multiple people or for people sharing a room. Prices start at just $500 additional for spouses/friends who aren’t attending the class.


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What to Bring

Your camera, and wide, normal and zoom lens (for example: 16-50, 50-90, 70-200) Tripod, CF cards, Laptop, Backup storage. And any personal camera gear you choose.