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Are you ready

to take your photography

to the next level?

Go Photo is building a community of photographers, artists and creative kids.

Go Photo!

+ premium photography workshops

+ emerging photography art gallery

+ learning programs for creative kids

Go Photo Workshops

Go Photo Workshops are designed to provide passionate photographers at all levels the opportunity to hone their craft with incredible professional instruction. Workshops provide opportunities to create incredible images with the world’s finest photo and video equipment, in premier locations and studios around the world, with top-notch talent and support staff.

Go Photo Gallery

Go Photo Gallery, launching in 2023, will promote and support the art of photography and videography through exhibitions as well as educational programs. 75% of the art space will exhibit curated work and juried imagery for sale, as a traditional gallery, with 25% of the space dedicated to showcasing the work produced by the Go Photo Artists.

Go Photo Artists

Go Photo Artists program is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping kids find a new passion in the world of photography and videography. Go Photo Artists offers free workshops, studio time, mentorships and photo/video camps to kids of all ages year-round, and partners with schools, hospitals and other organizations to offer creative opportunities.