Landscapes, temples, monks, and more! The ultimate travel destination photo workshop.



The ultimate fashion + beauty workshop in the heart of Italy!



Pure. Natural. Unspoiled. One of the world's finest destinations for landscape photography.


Go Photo Workshops

Photography workshops that combine adventure, exploration and education.

Our goal in traveling and photographing is to educate the mind, challenge the spirit, and refresh our creativity as we journey through places and visit the spaces and places humanity has cherished, and photograph these with the pinnacle of image making equipment.

Each Go Photo workshop is held at a stunning location where you will be presented with incredible photo opportunities everywhere you turn.  You will be in a small group situation, where you can shoot the extraordinary state-of-the-art Phase One IQ system with an instructor working with your group to help you produce simply amazing images for your portfolios.

Class size is limited to no more that 24 attendees and positions fill very fast.

The Go Photo Workshops on-location workshops are designed for one simple purpose: to enable you to take the best possible photos, with the best equipment, in the world’s most unique visual environments.

For even more individualized, portfolio building image making workshops, you can visit us in Colorado for one-on-one fashion/glamour/beauty shooting with the Phase One system in one of the highest-end studios in the country with Profoto lighting, models, hair, makeup and wardrobe all supplied, or, go out into the Rocky Mountains for landscape shooting with the stunning Phase One medium format capture system.



Fashion + Beauty Intensive in Tuscany


Landscapes, Glaciers, Volcanoes, Horses and Hot Springs


Magical, Colorful, Remote and Unique: The Land of the Thunder Dragon


Tokyo Streets, Kyoto Gardens, Koya Temples


Shimmering Beaches and the Streets of Havana

A Go Photo Workshop includes:

  • You will have access to a Phase One IQ camera system to use during the workshop
  • A complete range of Schneider lenses to accommodate any shoot concept
  • The latest version of Capture One Pro for your system
  • World-class instructors who offer a wide range of classroom and field experience
  • Wide range of topics covered starting from visualization to composition to workflow
  • Transportation to and from the airport or train station and shooting destinations throughout the workshop
  • You’ll receive 2x 30×40 inch prints meticulously printed from your images taken during the workshop
  • You’ll become a member of a unique and highly talented alumni group
  • Small groups to each vehicle with one instructor and excellent support staff
  • All meals and lodging included
  • You’ll have a unique and very special offer to purchase the PhaseONE camera system while at the workshop (absolutely NO obligation though)

How do I sign up?

Register online here on the site, and send your deposit check via mail. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and is limited to 20 participants and will fill up quickly. A non-refundable deposit of $2500 or full payment and completed registration form will reserve a place for you on a workshop. Workshop/trip fees are quoted in US dollars and must be paid in US dollars only. Full payment is due no later than 60 days prior to departure date for trips outside the USA and no later than 45 days before the workshop start date for trips within the USA.

Please see the terms and conditions for complete payment, cancellation and refund details.

What is taught during the workshop?

Go Photo has a goal to deliver the best educational experiences possible.  You will be kept busy from the first day up until you return to the airport.  First and foremost you’ll learn the fundamentals of medium format camera use and especially the use of Phase One cameras and digital backs.  Instructors will help you learn to see the shot and how to accomplish the best image capture possible.  In addition you will learn digital workflow using Capture One from import to output.  Once you have the image fully captured, processed and retouched, we will spend time learning what to do with it: how to print the image, publish it on the web, presenting the image in self-publishing of books, albums and display methods including mounting and framing.

What's a typical day?

Each day you will experience photographic excursions starting with sunrise and ending with sunset.  During the day and evening there will be presentations by the instructors, one on one tutoring and review of images and portfolios.  Workshops are held in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.  These locations will offer magnificent opportunities to capture beautiful images.

Whats the general schedule like?

Usually, there is a sunrise/morning shoot and a late afternoon/sunset shoot that are pre-scheduled at specific locations. Normally we will venture out before sunrise to arrive at specific locations by sunrise.  The attendees are split into small groups and usually groups go to different locations so as not to be crowded at any one location.  We will normally travel in vans that will allow one staff person and an instructor to 5 student – attendees. After sunrise we will have breakfast and this is usually followed by a morning workshop session by one of the instructors.  Lunch is usually followed by an afternoon session before heading out to catch the sunset.  Some workshops may have all day shoots depending on locations. After dinner we will normally hold an evening workshop and or free time to work on your images.  Instructors and staff will be available to help with software related questions or image enhancement.

Should I bring a computer?

A laptop computer is a must. You will be working with large size digital files. Capture One Pro software will be part of your tuition and a license code will be provided for your use. We also recommend that you bring an external hard drive to back up your files.

How many people are in a workshop?

Most Go Photo workshops are limited to no more than 24 attendees, some are even less. But during the day, you will be broken into much smaller groups for more individual attention.

Who are the instructors?

We have gathered one of the most talented and sought after group of instructors to teach these workshops. Each instructor brings a unique talent and teaching skill to each workshop. You’ll learn from different points of view allowing you to blend all ideas into your own. Each instructor is a Phase One  user.  You’ll see why they selected Phase One for their digital capture. Each workshop has its own group of instructors. Check out the workshops to see which instructors will be presenting.

What is the cost and what’s included?

The cost for each workshop is dependent on the location and lodging and meals of that location.

Why should I choose a Go Photo Workshop?

If you are looking for a workshop that will allow you to take your photography to the next level ten this si the workshop for you. Other workshops are small and less organized. Phase One puts these workshops on so you can experience what ultimate image quality is all about. There is no better way to do this than to works with a wide variety of talented instructors and fellow classmates. Add in top notch destinations and personalized instruction and you have the ingredients for a workshop unlike any other.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Yes, 21 is our minimum age.

What about cancellations?

You can see the cancellation and refund policies in the terms and conditions on the POLICIES page.

What about insurance?

We do require insurance for our excursions. Please see our POLICIES for more information.

Beauty can be seen in all things. Learning to see and compose the beauty is what separates the travel snapshot from the photograph.

Dan Jahn, owner, Go Photo